Merter Food has been part of beekeepers union and fruit and vegetables growers association for more than fourty years. We specialize especially in providing high quality row honey to the honey packers industry as well in supplying fruit to preserves producer in our domestic market.

Our quality assurance system has been adopted by our parents, who had been engaged for long time on the management of goverment enterprises dealing food producing. Most valuable information they left us is data of the vendors, whose integrity has been proven and their ability to meet our purchase criteria.We have very strict requirements for suppliers quality. Our quality approach starts beyond the four walls of the enterprise,on the very early stage, at the field. We are monitoring and inspecting regularly all raw material at the growing place before product admitted in the delivery point. All information data for vendors are recorded in their scorecard to rate the suppliers ability to meet requirements standard. This protects us from increasing cost of the final products due to poor supplier quality and provide us to be more competitive on the market. Our well trained and educated quality management staff are essential part of our business.We believe that the producing high quality product can only be operated with well trained and motivated staff. Everyone of us know well his responsibility to provide consumers with safe,wholesome foods.We know also that safety is not option but it is an essential part of the planning, preparation and production of foods.We ensure providing of the best quality food and satisfy all expectations of our customers.

On the other hand, our quality staff focused on monitoring each step of producing on providing confidence that the quality requirements will be fulfilled.Our commitment is simply; To have satisfied all our customers.To reach greater levels of customer satisfaction those give enthusiasm and motivate all of us to be more and more strict in product quality. We believe healthy living style should be no a matter of choice but it should be accessible right for everyone .This bring us happiness and enthusiasm.

We encourage people to live healthier life style by using convenient healthy food on the table.



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